Setting a Higher Standard

Whefall path 1n we began our family-based service company in 2003, one of our main goals was to provide an exceptional funeral experience while keeping the fees as reasonable as possible.  In other words,…

to “Leave Memories, Not Debt” .

We have intently listened to the requests of the families we are honored to have served.  They, in turn, have determined what are the “most important things” needed when having a funeral “farewell” for their loved one.  From those humble beginnings, we have creatively developed a myriad of ways for each and every service to be truly unique. Whether elaborate or simple. The family being served always gets to do the choosing of what they alone need,…what is the most important to their family at this time.

And now, as we look back from 15th year of serving,…the implementation of those first set of goals have since taken their place of value and have now become the expected “standard of care” in our Central Illinois industry market.

Distinctively beautiful, one-of-a-kind photo creations in the service folders, family thank you cards, in cherished memory books and lifetime video productions, on cherished keepsakes and themed urns…. All these, as well as, producing personalized monuments and markers.  Just about anything that a picture tribute could be added to,… we have available.

And being receptive to the heartfelt input of the families being served, we have become the best at bringing those kind of creative ideas to fruition.  RST


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