The Alternative to the Traditional Funeral Home

Providing the Most Options and Best Value in Funeral Care for Central Illinois families

Nearly Stressless Arrangements

If the thought of making funeral arrangements creates a bit of anxiety, then you are normal! At Tanzyus Logan, we understand the intensity of an immediate need and the thoughtful process that is required when planning ahead. Either way, be assured of a relaxed and approachable setting where questions get answers and needs get met, at a price that makes sense to you.

No Hidden Fees. Guaranteed!

The Value of a Meaningful Funeral

A funeral is really a ceremony to say “good-bye” to someone who has been an important person in our life.

A funeral goes beyond a basic ceremony to purposely incorporate the unique and special nuances of the person who has died.  The sights of photo memories, the sounds of favorite music, the aroma of floral tributes, and the touch of family and friends that have come to encourage us… Each of our senses, engaged in what it means to love and to be loved, and just now, feel a little bit lost as to how we are going to continue.

All grief related, yet an important relational milestone in our lives, that can help give us the ability to get back on track eventually, as we should.  If you choose to pre-plan your own funeral, you will have the privilege of setting the tone that you want it to be, leaving a clear path for your family to follow.

Pictures_from_flash_drive_8-7-07_058You have the opportunity to describe your life, …Your interests, Your passions, and the way you chose to live,……. How you want to be remembered.   A time for you to really think through important issues and important people,… Your legacy.  The results for you are peace of mind.  The results for your family– a way to be brought together as a family when the time comes, and not a teasquare_14-109x110ring apart or struggle of trying to guess what you would have wanted.

Simple or Elaborate, the Value is in recognizing the true worth of life, embracing our own mortality, as we see a life lived well through new lenses, and giving deserved honor to those we love the most.


For more on pre-planning, go here.



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