The Alternative to the Traditional Funeral Home

Providing the Most Options and Best Value in Funeral Care for Central Illinois families

Nearly Stressless Arrangements

If the thought of making funeral arrangements creates a bit of anxiety, then you are normal! At Tanzyus Logan, we understand the intensity of an immediate need and the thoughtful process that is required when planning ahead. Either way, be assured of a relaxed and approachable setting where questions get answers and needs get met, at a price that makes sense to you.

No Hidden Fees. Guaranteed!

The Value of Care

How important is Care at a time when your really need it?

End of life issues can present themselves in a variety of ways. Sometimes it’s a sudden loss, or a diagnosis of a terminal illness that brings time into true focus. It can also be a season of positive reflection and preparation of the eventual.

The loss of a loved one will probably put us in a place we have never been before and the Care that we need for that season of life, may not be so easy to define.

At Tanzyus-Logan, we understand the family dynamics and have endured our own personal losses. We have chosen to make ourselves available to serve. We listen carefully to what you are saying. We make suggestions and recommendations in areas you may feel lost in. We bring ideas and connections that you may not be aware of. In other words, We care about helping your through this time of life.

Find out what others are saying about us.

Have you thought about how you would handle a funeral for that close Someone?   Will you be able to find the pictures, remember the poems, express your feelings at atime when grief and sorrow want to consume your very thought life?  Because we have been there, you can experience thoughtful direction, creative outlets from solid experience that helps for a smoother transition into that next chapter of your life.


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