Providing the Most Options and Best Value in funeral care for Central Illinois families.

The Alternative to the Traditional Funeral Home

A wide range of Burial Choices from the Elaborately Traditional to the “Just put me in a Pine Box”.  We provide caring and personalized services at churches, civic clubs and gravesides that are creatively unique and second to none!

When You need a Funeral Director, not a Funeral Home

Cremation as the final choice of disposition is one of the fastest growing funeral service options in our country today.  Research details about the cremation process and take the time to discuss it with family members for the best outcome.

Beyond the Ordinary
Our extensive experience in the funeral industry guides you in creating a one-of-a-kind funeral experience, for that one-of-a-kind loved one.  “Remembering the Ride” Motorcycle drawn hearse, a Veterans Horse-drawn Funeral Caisson with Military Rites, the peaceful release of butterflies or doves, and of course, Celebrating each Life with memorable Images, personalized Art and cherished Keepsakes.
Making Your Plans Ahead of Time
There are a multitude of decisions that must be made when a death occurs.  Take the time now, in a fairly stress-less setting, to determine what is best for your family in final services and preferred budget.

We want to thank you for everything. The idea of mom’s life story, her favorite poem etc., were wonderful and let us tell her story to celebrate her life.  I remember with Dad we just had a service and buried him.  This was so much better, by celebrating her life told in pictures and words.  Thank you for everything.

Sharon & Marv Crater

Make a Choice to Buy Local

Buying your floral tributes from our local florists ensures your choice will arrive fresh to the service, and without delay. This keeps the dollars within our area which benefits both you and the area community at large.

Loan Payment Options

Partnering with Lending USA gives you the opportunity to pay out a funeral contract. Checking for approval does not hurt your credit score.

A Helping Hand When You Need it Most.

Our Family of Companies can open your mind to the available possibilities, guide you compassionately as the dreaded day arrives and lead you to take the next positive steps in your grief journey.
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