The Final "Road Trip"

The Road Trip
The motorcycle road trip has been around as long as there have been motorcycles. Each with it’s own character, and no two trips are ever the same.
Planning the Trip

Just as good planning and preparation improve the road trip, good preparation and planning for the final road trip is as detailed and complete as it can be.

We map the ride, pray for good weather, and gather your friends as key components in “Remembering the Ride”. Perhaps there will be a winding processional of your friends and family on their bikes, traveling down a long, lonely stretch of road ,…
making this final road trip more about the memorable journey than the destination.

As fellow club members in this life on earth, we will all have to eventually deal with
death. Your “Road Captain” on this final ride knows that good planning and previous experience on the road will be a journey long remembered by your family and friends.

The Touring Handbook
Request your own “touring handbook” in preparation of this final road trip. Each handbook gives you space to list the necessary “itinerary” information and includes the personalized planning guidelines.
“Celebrating Every Life”
Our Travel History
Since we introduced Our “Remembering the Ride” Motorcycle-Drawn hearse to Central Illinois families in 2009, the thankfulness that has been expressed by those who have chosen this uniquely personal service is humbling to say the least.  At the time of a death, emotions are understandably tender and raw.  Those persons who found some of their most cherished memories in life on a motorcycle, traveling the Open Road, have told us that this kind of service reflects exactly what their loved one would have preferred.  Not stuffy, not pretentious.  No three-piece suits.  Just jeans and boots and leather!  Many of these “Celebration of Life” events have included many of their friends and family members in the processional with the hearse, on their own motorcycles as they travel to the cemetery.  What a memorable event!

A Somewhat Traditonal Gathering

A more traditional style, Church Funeral with a spiritual, uplifting message, then a Processional to Cemetery.

A Contemporary Gathering

A meeting place large enough for family and friends to gather and remember, then a processional to the Cemetery.

Cremation Options

Whether you choose to go Traditional or with a Contemporary Gathering style, a full funeral with a ceremonial favorite ride around town “road trip”, then Cremation to follow.

A Gallery of Remembered Rides

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Choose to Buy Local

Buying your floral tributes from our local florists ensures your choice will arrive fresh to the service, and without delay. This keeps the dollars within our area which benefits both you and the area community at large.

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