Thank You so much for everything you did.  I could not have imagined a more beautiful service.  I cannot express how grateful I am to you!

Stony Irwin

Cremation has grown in popularity as the Eastern religious inflences have become more mainstream in our culture today.

Options abound in going beyond Tradition, and the “way it’s always been done” lending itself to very personalized expressions of cherished things and favorite places for the memorial ceremony celebration event.

Cremation Options

Traditional Church Funeral with Cremation to Follow

An original funeral service for a larger group of people to gather and remember,…usually with an uplifting, spiritual message. Then cremation disposition after the service.

"Remembering the Ride"

An exclusive service by Tanzyus Logan that provides an motorcycle-drawn hearse for Central Illinois families where it’s more about the journey than the destination.  A Cremation disposition happens after the service event.




Memorial Ceremony

A gathering of family and friends without the body present, that remembers a personal aspect or favored location of the person that has died.  A time of reflection and a variety of “speakers” can enhance cherished memories.

A Veteran's Affair

A focus on the Veteran’s great contribution to our country.  Military honors and 21-gun salute highlight the service event.

A Graveside Service

A way to say your “good-byes” at the cemetery.  Especially nice during Spring and Fall, and when you expect a smaller group to gather.

Traveling beyond Central Illinois

We are connected around the country, as well as around the globe.  We are able to provide the help you may need to take your loved one “back home” or “bring them back” to Illinois.

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