Who We Are...& Why We Do What We Do

Tanzyus-Logan Funeral Service and Care
is a true, family-owned business, and a fully licensed Illinois Corporation from day one.  Our Experience in the Funeral Industry crosses nearly four decades of Service and Our Staff understands the Value of Care. We have set in place many opportunities for families to express their love at a price that makes sense for them. Elaborate or simple. You choose. “Leave Memories, Not Debt” sm

Personal and Meaningful, yet Economically Sensible…
Now in our sixteenth year of service to the families of Central Illinois, we have grown in the ability to expand our specialties Beyond the Ordinary funeral home offerings. Because you are not tied to “our” brick and mortar, you can rest in the knowledge that we will work with you and your family. We Always Serve in a way that allows a Meaningful Tribute with the lowest Overall Pricing structure in the area. You don’t have to skimp on anything.

We simply provide the Best, Professional and Personalized Service at your Church, Civic Club or graveside.  We even have other places available, should you need it.

Family Members & Owners of Tanzyus Logan

Jon A. Tanzyus, Rebecca Logan Tanzyus, Joseph Logan

Please Consider Sharing Your Experience with Others

If our business has been of benefit to you, we would appreciate your sharing that experience with others.  And since we are human, we strive for Excellence, but we are not Perfect.  If we can improve on our services, we would appreciate the discussion one on one so that we can understand your concerns and rectify anything that we can.

My Experience with Tanzyus Logan:

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A Helping Hand When You Need it Most.

Our Family of Companies can open your mind to the available possibilities, guide you compassionately as the dreaded day arrives and lead you to take the next positive steps in your grief journey.


Choose to Buy Local

Buying your floral tributes from our local florists ensures your choice will arrive fresh to the service, and without delay. This keeps the dollars within our area which benefits both you and the area community at large.